Common Challenges to an Online Board Meeting

Online board meeting is a great way to keep your board members engaged and make decisions without the time and expense of traveling. A few common challenges may impact the effectiveness of your board meetings, and may hinder efficiency.

Disconnections. In contrast to a live meeting, remote participants may have difficulty connecting to the virtual conference. Although this isn’t a major problem, it can cause a sense of disconnection and lower engagement levels. Be sure to provide an audio-visual system that is easy to use and offers excellent audio quality.

Inadequate documentation. A vital aspect of a board meeting is recording minutes, which need to be precise and clear. The minutes-taker should record all important discussions and decisions verbatim to avoid confusion later on. You should also think about investing in a system for document management that allows you to securely share and manage documents and meeting materials.

Low board member involvement. The camaraderie and conversations that take place in-person between board members aren’t easy to replicate online. Try adding breaks, icebreakers, or even a test, to your meeting.

Time limitations. One of the major drawbacks for a meeting that is online is the limited amount of time available to discuss each item on the agenda. Set an time limit for each discussion. Make sure not to the directors with subjects that are difficult to discuss.