The Best Board Management Software

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Board management software, also known as a meeting and governance software that allows users to centralize all the information needed for the scheduling of meetings sharing files and documents, and recording meeting minutes. This type of software helps simplify the entire process of a board’s work and reduces the time and effort required to search and organize essential materials for every meeting.

Azeus Convene, a board-management tool, allows users to share and collaborate with their corporate boards. It’s a secure, intuitive and easy-to use platform that lets users simplify everything, from the preparation of documents for the board to the running of meetings, capturing the meeting and generating actions. Designed by Azeus Convene, a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 5 certified company with over 30 years of experience in IT development Convene is trusted by large corporations, SMEs, banks, government, and associations in more than 100 countries.

GOVRN is an online board portal that streamlines the collaboration process, document management and meeting minutes. It has a document scanner recording tool, meeting tools and integrations with email inboxes and real-time voting in meetings. The system is designed to ensure security and reliability and includes certified physical storage facilities and advanced disaster recovery.

OnBoard, a tool for board intelligence, helps you make your meetings more effective simple, efficient, and easy. Its powerful board reporting tools allow executive teams and directors prepare clear, sharp reports that offer a wealth information. Its robust features include two-factor verification, encryption of data and top-of-the-line assistance to administrators and directors.